About the Clan/ How to join the clan

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About the Clan/ How to join the clan

Post by MKK ARBER on Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:33 am

MKK (Mario Kart Knockers/Knockout) is a MKWII/MK8 clan. We are a respectful and competitive clan. The creator and founder of this clan was Arber Jonuzi, also along with his Co-Leader who is considered to be called PoisoN.
Again welcome to the clan in order to join you must contact me on Skype or Youtube/Google Account
Skype: Blackeymkwiipro
Google/Youtube : ★Arber★/Blackeymkwiipro
Once you contact me saying you wan't to join, you must do a trial on either on MKWII or MK8 with Arber or PoisoN. If you wan't to ask PosioN to trial you you can get his Skype here
Skype: xpoison3333vr.
We will tell you if you made the clan or not in the mean time we would put you guys on the trial list if we are full or have been currently doing a trial on someone else.
Thank You! #1 Rule is to have fun!Very Happy


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